Gstaad in elegance & music

Thank you to the musicians who came to Gstaad to perform the most wonderful programmes at the 13th edition of the New Year Music Festival in Gstaad.

Nathalie Stutzmann and her Orfeo 55 – who sang : « DEVOTION – Bach à voix basse »Nathalie STUTZMANN Contralto et Direction • Leon KOSAVIC – Baryton, ORFEO 55 : BWV 42 Sinfonia • BWV 170 Alt aria « Vergnügte Ruh » • BWV 133 Alt aria « Getrost ! » • BWV 56 Bass Cantata « Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen » • BWV 42 Bass aria « Jesus ist ein Schild » • BWV 35 Alt aria « Gott hat alles wohl gemacht » • BWV 106 Alt und Bass duo from cantata Actus tragicus • « In deine Hände, befehl’ ich meinen Geist » • BWV 82 Alt Cantata « Ich habe genug » Before a standing ovation and multiple encores



The extraordinary musician who is Edwin Crossley Mercer, with Michel d’Alberto on piano at Lauenen Church


The lovely and talented cellist Christoph Croise with Gstaad Festival Prizewinner at the Menuhin Geneva 2018 competition, Otto Antikainen, violin and Alexander Panfilov, piano – who return to play Beethoven in January 2020 at the 14th New Year Music Festival in Gstaad:


The legendary Russian pianist Viktoria Postnikova and Sasha Rozhdestvensky, violin at the Salon Montgomery in the ever-welcoming Park Gstaad:

Viktoria Postnikova, piano.jpg


The exceptional young talents who took part in the voice and piano masterclasses with Maestri Jean-Philippe Courtis and Ilan Rogoff.

masterclass 2019 saanen

Before the gala evening at the unique Gstaad Yacht Club –

caro yacht 6.1yacht gstaad 2019

Thanks to everyone who made this festival possible: musicians, sponsors, partners, contributors, local organizers and institutions.

It is a delight to present music in such a setting.

Princess Caroline Murat, Artistic Director, The New Year Music Festival in Gstaad, Altezze e Musica, Spittelweg, Lauenen. 

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for news throughout 2019 until the 14th New Year Music Festival in Gstaad where we wait to welcome you – and our partners :


Club des Amis:

New Year Music in Gstaad – Sous le haut patronage de  

SAR la Princesse Marie Gabrielle de Savoie
Présidente d’Honneur du Club des Amis du Festival
SA la Princesse Caroline Murat
Fondatrice du Gstaad New Year Music Festival 
Jean-Sébastien Robine
Président du Club des Amis du Festival


Mme Aline Foriel-Destezet
M. Philippe Foriel-Destezet
HH Prince Mubarak Al-Sabbah
Mr & Mrs Forester Labrouche Cabeza de Vaca
Mme Catherine Pastor
M & Mme Patrice Feron
M. Paul Fichot
Mme Athena Fix
M. Antoine Turzi


Lady Monika Bacardi
Mrs Araceli Cagianut Baer
Maître Jacques Bonfils
Commune de Château-d’Oex
Commune de Rougemont
Maître Monique Desforges-Thierry
Mme Virginia Drabbe-Seemann
M Pierre Dreyfus
Mme Marie-Christine Dutheillet de Lamothe
Coumte & Comtesse Alain Fournier-Laroque de Saint Côme
Mme Birgit Gerlach
Mme Catherine Haccius
Jonathon E. Lyons Esq
Dr Michèle Mandallaz
Mme Catherine Mangin
M. & Mme Emilio Martelli
M. Louis Martin
M. & Mme Peter Merian
Andréas Nyffeler Esq
Prof. Xavier Oberson
M. Giovanni S. Rondanini
Mrs Lillyclaire Saran
Dr & Mme Christian Stucki
M & Mme Pierre Tari
Mme Françoise Villiger
Dr & Mme Francis Weber
Dr Urs Wirthmueller


Maître & Mrs Jack Andersson
M & Mme Nicolas Anouilh
Lady Danièle Bacardi
Mme Carole Bajac
Eric Benjamin Esq
Mrs Tatiana Blum
Mrs Herta Bourely
M & Mme Tristan Boyer de Bouillane
M Francois Chabanian
Mme Cristina Chenevière
Mme Selva Cigdem
Mme Alessia Clemente
Mme Marina Colas
Mme Diane de Cugnac
M Michael Degani
Mme Elisabeth Delerue
Comte & Comtesse Yves Donin de Rosière
M Jean-Pierre Durant des Aulnois
Mrs Regina Edelman
H.E. Ambassador & Mme Holger Eberle
Mme Raphaela Eliascou
M & Mme Maurizio Ferro
M Daniel Frachon
Mme Marta Gaya
Mme Josette Marianne Graas-El Hage
Jan Grevstad Esq
M. Beat Im Obersteg
M & Mme Nissim Israel
M Francisque Kater
M Georges Kiener
M Cyrille de Kostine
M Gilles Leraillé
Mme Evelyn Lévy
Mme Ljuba Manz-Lurje
Mme Maria Margaronis
M Heinz Marti
M Gustave-Alain Miesegaes
Signor Sergio Javier Nunez
Comte Hervé d’Oncieu de Chaffardon
Dr & Mme Jacques von Orelli
M & Mme Alexandre Orloff
Comte Thomas du Paty de Clam
Maître Brigitte Louise Pochon
M & Mme Christian Roger
Maître Rolf T. Schneider
Mme Homayra Sellier
Baron & Baroness Wenceslas de Traux de Wardin
M & Mme Hans-Ueli Tschanz
Mme Irmgard Wagner
M Werner Wenger-Gisin
Mme Jill Wolf
M Alexandre Zwahlen

The Club des Amis welcomes members to all events organized under the umbrella of the festival during 2019. For information, please contact the Club des Amis at email:

Association Altezze e Musica
Chalet Bäremutz
Spittelweg 12
CH-3782 Lauenen

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