A summer in Lauenen – with plans for pre-festival events

Summer is in the air but planning is also underway for the 10th anniversary edition of the New Year Music Festival in Gstaad.  “Friends of the Festival” have been invited to the lunch in Lauenen on Wednesday 26 August.

oberhalb-zweisimmen_bike8 copy

Artists are engaged and pre-festival events organized.

We will also be marking an exceptional new step forward for the New Year Music Festival in Gstaad (26.12.2015 – 9.1.2016) with a new piece of music composed especially for the festival which will be premiered in Gstaad this year.

Celebrations will be in high voice with enchanting international opera talents – two returning artists and one making her debut at the festival.

Continuing the vocal range we will have two choirs – one returning and one new to the festival.

Friends from my world of piano will be taking their place with fine young talents as well as international maestros playing innovative and unique programmes.

The performances will not just be musical but also move across to the world of words and poetry.

Our venues – from our base at the Grand Hotel Park Gstaad – will take the music and performance out of concert halls and to the community with another of our popular concerts at the train station.

We will mark the end of the year with the traditional new year’s eve free concert at St. Josef Church and start 2016 with an early evening concert in Rougemont Church.

Orthodox Christmas will be celebrated with artists from eastern Europe.

For news, please keep up to date with my Facebook page or via Twitter.

For Friends of the Festival information please contact the festival office –

Email: gstaadnymf@gmail.com.


Twitter: Caroline Murat, Artistic Director @gstaadnymf

Facebook: Caroline Murat

Official website of the festival: http://www.nymf.ch

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